How To Shop For Clothes The Eco Friendly Way?

When you are shopping for clothes, why not do it in an eco friendly way? That would surely show your concern for the environment and encourage brands that are putting in the extra effort to make their products and operations in an eco friendly manner. The brands that are making eco friendly clothing might be pricing the products a little higher, but they are trying to reduce the adverse impacts on the planet. Here are some ways to shop the eco friendly way.

Opt for bamboo based products

Among the different sustainable raw materials in the clothing world, bamboo is fast emerging as the number one choice. It is used in a wide range of products and its fiber is also being used to make clothing like Just Be mens clothing. Brands that are focusing on eco friendly products and production methods are using such raw materials as well as organic dyes. 

Opt for recycled clothing

Some brands are focusing on the use of materials like using paper and fabrics that have been used before to create recycled clothing. This is a lot of work like separating plastic or soda bottles and chopping or melting them and creating fibrous strands of polyester from these materials. However, the brands that are putting in such extra effort need to be encouraged in their efforts like Just Be mens clothing which offers sustainable clothing. Other brands offer recycled cotton products or vintage clothing as well as salvaged products.

Focus on fair trade practices

The other aspect of shopping the eco friendly way is to ensure that fair trade practices have been used by the brands or companies from where you shop. That traces the way the companies manufacture or source their goods. The working conditions of the workers at the factory premises as well as the good work that a company does for the environment. It is important to stress on these factors and encourage brands that put in such efforts in the making and marketing of their products.

Go frugal

This point refers to being eco friendly in your lifestyle habits as well. Instead of changing your wardrobe every season, opt for items that can be used in every season. Again, try out recycled clothing and accessories wherever they are applicable. Try to continue with last year’s collections or give up your old clothes at a garage sale. Opt for consignment sales to find great deals that use items that are sparingly used by others. Encourage recycling of clothing and accessories in your community instead of thoughtless purchases every season. Also, promote sustainable and eco friendly brands through your purchases.

Tips On Creating The Perfect Logo

Starting up your own business is a complicated affair; and so is finding the perfect logo that will represent your business and company. If you’re thinking of making your own logo, but don’t know how to do it best, then we’ve got a few tips and advice that experts on logo making have shared with us.

Professional help.
Getting your logo made professionally is probably the best thing you can do to make sure that it has a proper finish.  By professional help, we mean a graphic design in Hong Kong or an online site for creating logos. Using a graphic design company or a site will ensure that your logo gets a professional appearance.

Make it unique.
Whether you decide to get professional help, or to do it yourself, the first thing that you should remember is that your logo has to be unique and memorable. No copying, and no short cuts. It has to be something that people will recognize easily and associate with your company. Keep it simple. A simple and clean design will be easier to remember.

The font.
The font is as important as the design of the logo. When selecting the font, it’s important to remember to stay away from the cliché fonts. The font shouldn’t be cramped or hard to read. And try not to use too many fonts in the same logo. It’s also important to remember that the design and the font should both compliment and contrast each other. If it compliments it too much, the font might end up disappearing into the design. And if it contrasts too much, it’s going to complicate things. The trick is to strike the right balance.

Choosing the color.
The color of a logo also plays a large part in its success. Take your intended audience, their gender, the “targeted” age group, and most importantly, the product you’re selling into consideration when selecting a color for your logo. Remember, there might be instances where your logo gets printed sans color. So try not to rely too much on the color for the complete effect of your logo.

Think about the future.
As import as it is to make sure to make your logo is effective web deisn in HK, appropriate and memorable, it’s also important to remember that this logo that you make is going to represent your company now, and perhaps the next few years and decades to come. Therefore, it’s vital that the logo you make should be effective even in the years to come. Depending on your company, it’s possible that your logo will be printed out and displayed in various mediums. Keep this too in mind when creating your logo.