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Month: October 2017

What Is The Use Of Cremated Jewelry?

When someone close to us passed away, we have no other option than accepting their lost, but we cannot accept that immediately rather it will some more time. We will have the memories they left with us. Before some years, people were taking the buried ashes of their loved one to any privilege rivers to throw the ashes there in order to give the calmness to the soul of the person that is lost. No matter, either the person is big or small, but we will only get the small quantity of ashes in the end. Now, making the diamonds from the human ashes is a growing, a trend and demand. Yes, it is possible to make diamonds from the human ashes as human ashes contain carbons. Rather throwing the buried ashes into the river, you can do that as a diamond and keep it with you. In addition to having their unending memories, you can have their deceased body in the form of a diamond. Here on, no one will have to lose their loved ones; rather they can make them as diamonds. All you have to do is to visit the company that has experience in making ashes into diamonds. Make sure to hire the company that is possible to make diamonds from the ashes at a reasonable cost.

How precious stones are extracted from human ashes?

I know that, you all have this question on your mind – right? Read on for the answer. The green burial in Hong Kong will vary according to several factors right from size to color. Okay, let us discuss about the making.

First of all, several ounces of human ashes will be placed in a metal container. Here, metal container should withstand the extreme heat. The reason is that, the human ashes will be heated to an extreme temperature.

The temperature will be brought to more than 5000 degree Fahrenheit to let all the components to oxidize except carbon. Now, we will have only carbon left in the ashes.

Now, the carbon will be heated to a temperature which turns it to graphite. A few weeks will be taken for carbon to turn into graphite.

Now, the graphite will be placed on the diamond seed solid surface with a catalyst to speed up the process.

The graphite will be heated to a temperature until it turns into rough solid surface.

The diamond is now ready to cut into several sizes and shapes.

This is how ashes form diamonds created. The ashes to diamond cost several dollars.

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